Hansi Riley

Vice President & Co-Founder

Hansi Riley is fifty percent partner in The Rilington Group and its affiliated companies and acts as Vice President. As a partner she is involved in the direction of the company and future business planning.

Over the past 25 years she has overseen all marketing and market research components of the firm including corporate and product image, public relations and positioning in the real estate development community. Hansi closely follows the current market direction and trends related to architecture, interior design, products, and specifications. Hansi oversees and directs all creative functions of the company including but not limited to architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and land planning.

Hansi is also Vice President and fifty percent partner in The Vandalay Group, the licensed contractor for all Rilington Group and associated projects.

Prior to co-founding The Rilington Group in 1989, Hansi dedicated 20 years to honing her craft as an accomplished artist. She is proficient in several different mediums including sculpting, oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor to name a few. During this time period she also attended numerous courses related to art, architecture, interior design, marketing, color analysis, drafting, computer graphics, landscape design and geology.