As a family owned and operated company, The Rilington Group knows that the success of any company depends on its people.

Nurtured by strong and supportive leadership, the evidence of the company’s dedication to a positive corporate culture is in the core belief among team members that they truly make a difference. Over the past four decades and with over 200 years of combined real estate development experience, the Rilington Group has created a homebuilding family that brings together the spirit of innovation, diversity of expertise and the potential for profitability into every project it builds and manages.

Mickie L. Riley

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

As President and Founder of The Rilington Group and its affiliated companies, Mickie L. Riley remains focused on the core values that have guided his career in the homebuilding industry over the past four decades.


Hansi Riley

Vice President & Co-Founder

Hansi Riley is fifty percent partner in The Rilington Group and its affiliated companies and acts as Vice President. As a partner she is involved in the direction of the company and future business planning.


Denise Sands


Denise Sands serves as Controller for The Rilington Group where she directs all project and development accounting. Sands joined Rilington in 1999 as Controller and Office Manager, though she had been working with Mickie Riley since 1985.