Surf Village Developer Considering the Coachella Valley – The Rilington Group Engaged as Development Manager


Hawaii-based real estate development company, Honokea Surf Villages & Resorts, is looking to add a new ‘surf village’ concept to the Coachella Valley’s growing list of attractions. Honokea is poised to bring a 60-acre sustainably designed surf village and resort to the Coachella Valley. The new attraction will include: a world-class surf facility powered by industry leader Wavegarden, an adventure sports park, large events space, an organic farm, dining and shopping areas overlooking the surfing lake, and even a water-oriented boutique hotel.

Artist Conceptual Rendering of Honokea Surf Village in Coachella Valley

The Coachella Valley is an ideal site for Honokea’s project due to its growing culture, outdoor lifestyle, and great year-round weather. The development will add to the growing visitor attractions in the greater Palm Springs area and serve the local community as a social center for health and fitness. The Surf Village will provide family-friendly activities day and night for visitors and locals year-round. Educational initiatives will be a major component of the project as well, including local school partnerships and collaborations with nonprofit organizations.

Moreover, everything in the Honokea Surf Village has been designed for the dry climate, including the endemic landscaping, drip irrigation, aquaponic farming, and more. The Honokea Surf Village Coachella will use approximately one-eighth the water currently consumed by each of the 124 golf courses in the valley, will use non-potable water whenever possible, and will apply to become one of the first aquifer recharge sites in the area.

Honokea has been working in the Coachella Valley for the last two years to ensure that the project benefits the residents of Indio and the larger Palm Springs Valley community.

The construction of the Surf Village will create approximately 400 local jobs with local businesses. Once open, The Surf Village will create approximately 600 local jobs and will draw visitors from around the country. The Honokea project will have a local economic impact greater than one billion dollars with a thirty-two million dollar increase in tax revenue over the next ten years.

“We would be truly honored to bring Honokea to the Coachella Valley,” says Honokea President and Hawaiian Surf Icon, Brian Keaulana, “Southern California has a great surf culture that has always been tied very closely to Hawaii, and the desert is such a special place. We are excited to combine these cultures into something authentic and truly unique.”

To develop the Surf Village, Honokea has partnered with The Rilington Group, a local full-service Real Estate, Construction, and Land Development Management Company. The Rilington Group was chosen to oversee the Surf Village construction for their extensive local desert development expertise. Headquartered in La Quinta, California, The Rilington Group has over four decades of experience in residential and commercial development in Southern California. “We are honored to lead the planning and execution of this project,” says Mickie Riley, Rilington Group Company President, “with our local knowledge and expertise we are excited to bring Honokea’s vision to life in the Coachella Valley. As a locally operated firm not only do we work in the community but we live here and we play here. The Coachella Valley is an ideal location for the Surf Village and we share in Honokea’s focus on environmental sustainability and community building.”

About Honokea
Honokea Surf Villages is a real estate development company founded in 2011 by a team of passionate developers and operators led by Hawaiian surfing icon Brian Keaulana. The company designs and operates eco-friendly outdoor recreational parks that combine world class surfing facilities with other action sports courses and social spaces for dining, retail, events, and accommodations. Honokea’s vision is rooted in the Hawaiian Cultural values of: health, sustainability, and education, which are at the core of each property’s design. Honokea has a ‘skill over thrill’ approach in their park concepts, promoting engaging outdoor sports that inspire healthy lifestyles. For more information, please visit

About Wavegarden
Founded in 2005, Wavegarden SL is an engineering company dedicated to the research, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and promotion of wave generating systems and lagoons for surfing and other water sports. Having the most sophisticated wave computer modeling in the world and four large scale wave lagoons they have reinvented the 100 year old industry with their technical and mechanical expertise. Wavegarden remains true to their mission to share the incredible sensation of surfing perfect waves with everyone in the world, regardless of age, gender, level of experience, or geographical location. For more information, including videos, please visit

About the Rilington Group
As an industry leader with a respected reputation that spans over four decades, the Rilington Group is a family owned and operated full-service real estate development firm based in La Quinta, California. Founded in 1989 by Mickie and Hansi Riley, the Rilington family of companies has been highly esteemed by homebuyers, joint venture partners, land owners, investors and subcontractors alike, for its creative insight and corporate excellence as a multi-dimensional Real Estate, Sales, Construction and Land Development Management Company. The diverse group of companies has been responsible for the successful planning, design, development, construction, sales and marketing of over 9,000 lots and over $1 billion in real estate transactions in the Southern California region. The company has received numerous industry recognition awards including “Builder of the Year” in 2006. Whether a small neighborhood of entry-level homes, a high-end community, or a resort destination, if it’s a Rilington Group development, it is built and managed with pride and a deep commitment to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results. For additional information visit or phone 760-698-9616.