Advantages to Buying a New Home by The Rilington Group

The Rilington Group has earned its longstanding reputation as one of Southern California’s premier homebuilders. The Rilington Group builds homes utilizing the latest building technology, materials and innovations in sustainability and energy conservation, resulting in new homes that offer lower maintenance and energy cost savings.

A new Rilington home means a home built just for you, offering worry-free living for years to come. Rest assured the new home warranty every Rilington Group home provides means peace of mind to homebuyers. Buying a new home versus a resale means your home has the latest in safety standards and adheres to regional and municipal building codes. The Rilington Group stays on top of all local and state regulations and code changes, incorporating them into their design/build process.

Buying a new home also means you have the chance to provide input into personal design decisions based on how your family lives (and not changing those of a previous owner). A new home by The Rilington Group assures the latest design in floor plans that make sense for today’s lifestyles, from singles, partners/couples and growing families, to empty-nest couples.

Is the time to buy now? Transitioning from a renter to a homeowner is an exciting experience. You may question if now is the time, but consider the following:

  • You’re just starting life together as a couple. How exciting to begin it in a new home!
  • Your family has grown and your need for space and privacy comes from the opportunity that owning your own home offers.
  • As your children grow, so does the desire for your own backyard and play areas they can call their own.
  • Owning a home offers one of the last great tax breaks available. Mortgage interest rate deduction is always appreciated come April 15th.

The Rilington Group delivers homes to homebuyers that they will live in and appreciate every day — both now and in the future.

About The Rilington Group

As an industry leader with a respected reputation that spans over four decades, The Rilington Group is a family owned and operated full-service real estate development, sales and construction company. The Rilington Group, founded by partners Mickie and Hansi Riley, is fueled by a passion for innovative designs, dedication to the highest level of quality, and an unwavering commitment to outstanding customer care. The company has received numerous industry recognition awards including “Builder of the Year” in 2006. Whether a small neighborhood of entry-level homes or a high-end community, if it’s a Rilington Group Community, it is built with pride and a deep commitment to exceed the expectations of its homebuyers. For additional information visit or phone 760-698-9616.