The Rilington Group’s reputation as a leading Southern California homebuilder began over four decades ago, and continues today. The company has evolved over the years, always maintaining its commitment and passion to innovative design, quality, and keeping the customer’s needs and desires above all else.

Consistently exceeding homebuyer’s expectations is our tradition. In every home, distinctive craftsmanship is evident both inside and out. Attention to detail and timeless innovative designs set The Rilington Group communities apart. And one-on-one customer service with each homebuyer is key, because no two homebuyer’s needs are exactly alike.

The Rilington Group communities are built to ensure homebuyers — whether an entry-level buyer or a luxury homeowner — are as proud of their home in years to come as they are on move-in day.

But it doesn’t stop there. Building homes in a socially responsible way and adding value to the surrounding community is The Rilington Group commitment. We understand that communities are collaborative projects, and we work closely with the city, the community and our neighbors to define and create a positive local landscape for all.

And at the heart of everything we do is family. The Rilington Group believes in family, no matter how you define it. We are a family business, we treat all employees as family, and everyone who is a part of your home life is a top priority for us when designing homes. Because homes are where we make memories, and grow together. The Rilington Group honors that tradition in every home we build.